1. Dream TiM Cup 2018
Osnovne informacije
Začetek: 16.03.2018
Konec: 16.03.2018
Lokcija: Športna dvorana vojašnice Edvarda Peperka Sport hall Edvard Peperko Leskoškova cesta 10 1000 Ljubljana
Tip: Mednarodno tekmovanje
Rang: FIG 1
Opis tekmovanja

 Junior Individual Qualification for Team Competition and Apparatus Finals
Team competition with 2 - 4 gymnasts per federation; they have to present 8 exercises according to the junior program in the order fixed by the FIG (hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon). In a team competition, a gymnast may participate with 2-4 exercises. The team result will be calculated based on the best 6 of the 8 presented exercises.
If a NF participates with only 1 gymnast, she has to present an exercise with each of the 4 apparatus and can qualify with each apparatus for the Apparatus Finals.

Senior Individual
All around: 3 aparatus (hoop, ball, clubs)
Finals: ribbon

*The organizing commite KRG TiM – LOC has the right to add 1 gymnast in every final.

Urnik tekmovanja

 16 March (Friday)
Arrival day,
Official training,
Meeting of delegations
17 March (Sathurday)

Directives 3 / 6

Judges meeting
All Around Qualifications
18 March (Sunday)
Judges meeting
Touristic tour in Centre of Ljubljana
Banquet dinner
19 March (Monday)
Departure of the delegations

Rok za prijavo: 19.02.2018
Rok za plačilo kotizacije: 17.03.2018
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